Sell Your Seoul Trip 4 - Day 4 - Excitement

Sell Your Seoul  Day 4! Day of excitement!

We started the day by traveling to the Han River for a leisurely boat cruise. In hindsight, easing into the excitement was wise, as we got PLENTY of it later in the day.

The cruise is typically used for evening celebrations, such as weddings, concerts, or birthdays. The day cruise is accompanied by some history of the sites that we passed, which proved to be pleasant, as Seoul is as vast geographically as it is rich in culture. Two of the most notable sites that we passed were the tallest building in Seoul and Nodle Island. Simply referred to as 63, the number of stories, the building itself is a shimmering, bronze monolith that starkly represents Seoul’s ambitious drive to modernize. Nodle Island sits in the middle of the Han River and serves as a natural preserve for a variety of animals and birds. It was a comforting sight to see a space set a side for the non-human inhabitants of the city.

On to the excitement!! Our first stop was Lotte World. Lotte is the world’s largest indoor amusement park and it does not disappoint. Immediately upon entering, we were greeted by a rush of color, sound, and, well, excitement! Lotte has a little bit of everything. There is the main amusement park, which provides rides and spectacles for any age. It also has a plethora of restaurants, a mall encircling the park, and a folk museum.

Games, games, games! Rides, rides, rides! That is the best way to describe the amusement park. We were fortunate enough to be given a VIP tour of the park and just about any ride that we could imagine. For myself, this was certainly exciting, as I had never been to an amusement park prior! For the faint of heart or younger age groups, the indoor rides are the way to go! There are a lot of themed carriages, balloons, trains, cars, and planes to travel around a variety of locations, both international and mythical. For those who desire a bit more of a thrill, the outdoor section of rides is the way to go.

Having never been to such a place, I decided that the scarier the ride, the better. Why. Did. I. Do. That? Our first stop was called the Lotte World Gyro Drop. Oh my, that’s tall! It consists of a cylinder that rotates around a poll as it travels nearly 200 feet into the sky. Once at the pinnacle, the view of Seoul is AMAZING. However, look quickly because in 3…2…1… you’re dropping at warp speed to the ground! Next, we went to the Atlantic Adventure Roller coaster, which did not disappoint. The ride hurtled us around turn after turn and cavern after cavern. It certainly took everyone a moment to get our land legs back after that ride. Thankfully, no lunches were lost in the process!

After the fun and games, our gracious hosts at Lotte invited us to participate in a Brazillian Samba parade through the park grounds! Now if this wasn’t exciting, then I don’t know what exciting is! We danced with people adorned in peacock attire and animals from all over the world. After honing these skills, we traveled to a float and were given even more personal lessons from what can only be described as the most enthusiastic man in the history of time. I wonder, does he sleep? Has he ever? I find both highly unlikely.

Wowwww! We all experienced such rushes in the park, that leaving left each of us staggering out the door with a sense of euphoria. For the girls, that could have had something to do with the Tea Cup ride in which I became possessed, causing them to believe that the ride would be their last, but who knows!

Next, it was on to our final destination for the day: water-skiing on the Han River! Oh no! Will I be able to do this? I haven’t water-skied in years! To that saying no was not an option, so off we went! Upon arriving at the river, we were greeted by a group of clearly experienced water sport enthusiasts. They artfully and within seconds had Ray and I in the water. The boat’s motor churned and, well, no looking back now! First try: fail! Second try: I’m up! I’m up! I’m gliding back and forth across the Han River! I’m in Korea! This is amazing! After circling to and fro, we went back to the dock and were treated to a jet boat ride down the river by what I can only describe as a man that I wish was my Korean dad! Awesome guy!

Holllllly mackerel! What an exciting day of excitement we had. Everyone treated us incredibly well. I must say that this was a primary theme of the trip: the people of Korea are gracious and patient, which is no small feat when attempting to communicate with a group of 20 something Americans who can’t communicate in their language. For myself, the most exciting part of the trip was this very thing: the people! Simply lovely to be around and group that I will not soon forget and hope to return to soon!

by John

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