Sell Your Seoul Trip 4 - Day 5 - Shopaholic

Hey Gang, your Seoul shopaholic Stephanie here! Reporting on our last day in Korea-how sad! This day was all about my favorite subject-shopping!

It's Tuesday night, 11pm, you're itching to hang out with your friends get some coffee or maybe shop. An impossible scenario in the States, right? Not in Seoul! Treat yourself and your pals to a night out at Doota, a multi-level mall open all night in Dongdaemun fashion town. This, my friends, is my personal heaven. While I was there I learned some very important Seoul shopping tips! In Korea, it is popular to have tops or dresses that are "free size". This means that this dress or top is basically a 'one size fits all,' depending if you are a US size S, M or L the top or dress in question will fit you tighter or looser. Since most shopping stores are quite small, some stores may not allow you to try on clothing. Korea measures their shoes in millimeters, for example, I am a size 7 1/2 in US, in Korea my shoe size is 245. I suggest writing this number down on a piece of paper to show the store clerk your shoe size. Doota mall is surrounded by street food vendors, you gotta try the corn dog covered in french fries, decadent goodness!

Paris, Milan, Beverly Hills-these titles conjure up images of luxury fashion shopping sprees. I am here to tell you, count Seoul Korea into this mix of established fashion destinations. The gang and I headed off to the "Beverly Hills of Korea" to check out some very luxurious fashion brands. Although we are certainly famous Korean pop stars already-our fortune checks are still in the mail, so we browsed the high end mall known as Galleria department. If you are doing business in Seoul and want to dress in impress, please check out The Galleria-they have all you need and a diamond encrusted watch!
After eyeing expensive jewels, we went down the street at Chungdamdong to browse some more affordable wears. Gina found a whole outfit for less than $100. She haggled a bit, since she payed in cash she got a great deal! Don't forget that tip, Seoul Shoppers!

With the cool outfits John, Ray and I bought at Doota, and Gina's finds at Chungdamdong, we we're lookin' like models! We decided to treat ourselves to a photo shoot, at Sky Team Studios. John looked like a Korean boy band pop star, Ray looked like a boy up to no good. They created a character with their outfits and won the photo shoot mini contest, congrats boys-you earned your points! I was so impressed with the boys outfits, but it was no easy win for them, Gina and I looked great too. Gina and I have done photo shoots before but this was new for the boys. They may have been nervous, but the photos turned out great, I know that great photos always boost self confidence!

Feeling like Seoul stars, we kept on our photo shoot outfits and hit the town. Seven Luck Casino is where we found ourselves next, it's easy to find in Seoul since it's right in the middle of the city. This is a casino made just for foreigners, please make sure your have your passport with you in order to gamble. The roulette game was the final mini challenge we Seoul Sellers where given. I have never payed roulette before, so I was very nervous. The game came down to Gina and myself and I won by a hair! It must have been beginners luck.

Another popular shopping street is Garosugil, we walked there before heading to our last dinner together. We ate yummy sushi, with a Seoul twist. This sushi was like nothing I've seen in the States, John ate wiggling pieces of octopus tentacles! After making some last video segments, we turned the cameras off for good. Instead of being sad, the Seoul Sellers and I celebrated with our amazing camera crew, our sweet translators and coordinators at a Karaoke bar. We laughed and sang all night, this is a moment I'll treasure forever. All of us just hanging out, making jokes and enjoying the best part Seoul has to offer-its people. The crew of Sell Your Seoul are new friends to Gina, John, Ray and myself. We may be leaving this wonderful land, but the friendship we made here will be with us for a lifetime.

With a heavy heart I say, Annyonghi keseyo, Seoul! I know I will see you again, soon
by Stephanie

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