Sell Your Seoul Trip 4 - Day 5 - Shopaholic

Hey Gang, your Seoul shopaholic Stephanie here! Reporting on our last day in Korea-how sad! This day was all about my favorite subject-shopping!

It's Tuesday night, 11pm, you're itching to hang out with your friends get some coffee or maybe shop. An impossible scenario in the States, right? Not in Seoul! Treat yourself and your pals to a night out at Doota, a multi-level mall open all night in Dongdaemun fashion town. This, my friends, is my personal heaven. While I was there I learned some very important Seoul shopping tips! In Korea, it is popular to have tops or dresses that are "free size". This means that this dress or top is basically a 'one size fits all,' depending if you are a US size S, M or L the top or dress in question will fit you tighter or looser. Since most shopping stores are quite small, some stores may not allow you to try on clothing. Korea measures their shoes in millimeters, for example, I am a size 7 1/2 in US, in Korea my shoe size is 245. I suggest writing this number down on a piece of paper to show the store clerk your shoe size. Doota mall is surrounded by street food vendors, you gotta try the corn dog covered in french fries, decadent goodness!

Sell Your Seoul Trip 4 - Day 4 - Excitement

Sell Your Seoul  Day 4! Day of excitement!

We started the day by traveling to the Han River for a leisurely boat cruise. In hindsight, easing into the excitement was wise, as we got PLENTY of it later in the day.

The cruise is typically used for evening celebrations, such as weddings, concerts, or birthdays. The day cruise is accompanied by some history of the sites that we passed, which proved to be pleasant, as Seoul is as vast geographically as it is rich in culture. Two of the most notable sites that we passed were the tallest building in Seoul and Nodle Island. Simply referred to as 63, the number of stories, the building itself is a shimmering, bronze monolith that starkly represents Seoul’s ambitious drive to modernize. Nodle Island sits in the middle of the Han River and serves as a natural preserve for a variety of animals and birds. It was a comforting sight to see a space set a side for the non-human inhabitants of the city.

Sell Your Seoul Trip 3 - Day 3 - The Future

Hi everyone! Ray here with the skinny on Day 3 events. The theme was "The Future(Technology)" ...though after the day was done it felt more like the theme was "Korea totally owns America in everything."

Our first stop was the Sangam Digital Media City (DMC). DMC offered many interactive exhibits that in the near future will let you create music without the knowledge of playing instruments and even using your windows to watch TV or give you better outdoor scenery (in case you get tired of that brick wall you've been staring out at every day at your apartment). Because Korea is so Green friendly, they've transformed Sangam from a former landfill where everyone in Seoul once dumped their trash, to a world-class educational research institute in media and entertainment.

Our next stop was to World Cup Stadium home to the 2002 World Cup Opening Ceremonies as well as FC Seoul, Seoul's Professional K-League Soccer Team. Being a soccer fan myself (What?! An American soccer fan?) I was REALLY looking forward to seeing the stadium up close and personal. We were able to get on the field and experience it as a player would. We visited the locker rooms, coaching rooms, showers, indoor practice rooms with turf, even a museum with uniforms and gear used during the tournament. THEY EVEN HAD A REAL WORLD CUP TROPHY IN THE MUSEUM!!! When you think of stadiums you think that they only serve one purpose. World Cup Stadium however was much more then JUST a sports complex. It homed restaurants, shopping, and even a spa! Amazingly the stadium was built in just 32 months...far quicker then the average 45-60. And its roof even gives shape of a traditional Korean shield.

Sell Your Seoul Trip 4 - Day 1 & 2 - Touchdown and The Great Legacy

After weeks of anticipation and a long, long flight from New York, I finally arrived in Seoul. After meeting my fellow hosts and the Sell Your Seoul campaign crew, we all boarded a huge private bus and headed to the hotel, Blue Pearl. Once at the hotel, we settled into our rooms and went to dinner at a traditional Korean barbeque restaurant. Our meal consisted of flank steak and mushrooms that we cooked ourselves on an open grill and a sweet wine called Sansachoon.